Samples & Shaker Bundle + Free Shipping

Grab a Rapid Supps Stainless Steel shaker which includes your choice of 5 Rapid Supps samples + free shipping
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12 reviews for Samples & Shaker Bundle + Free Shipping

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  1. Ben, T

    Ordered and arrived 2 days later! Rapid pump is my fave, candy crush all the waaaay!!

  2. Ken, W

    The rapidshred is super tasety. Get it

  3. Fred, D

    Arrived today, solid shaker! Was better than I thought. Will try the samples tomorrow

  4. Rach, B

    Love the Vegan protein powder samples, I got 5 of them <3

  5. Simon, A

    rapid pump + rapid shred preworkout and 3 rapid vegan samples post workout, was amazing! Ordering again

  6. Tom, H

    Got to be silly not to take this deal, shaker alone is worth more haha

  7. Jerry, B

    Amazing Deal, just ordered! Thank you!

  8. Karl, C

    Perfect timing, my shaker lid broke 2 days ago. Nothing worse than using a water bottle at the gym

  9. Gabe, J

    The shaker is extremely durable. I’ve always had plastic ones but am happy I switched it up

  10. Lauren, F

    Bought this for my bf, he just started working out. He has a crap plastic shaker as well

  11. J. Williamson

    What a ripper! I needed a new shaker as well haha

  12. Terry, E

    Got myself 5 rapid shreds, time to get SHREDDED!

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